2016 – A Year In Review

January 23, 2017

Happy new year everyone!

2016… What a year! I still can’t believe it was all real!

Here’s what I got up too!

  • Became an accredited Wedding Planner.
  • Registered my every own business.
  • Got a 6-month internship on a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean.
  • Tried to learn Spanish.
  • Moved out of home for the first time… TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD BY MYSELF!?
  • Solo travelled.
  • Successfully adulted.
  • Made some amazing friends.
  • Went to Ibiza and had some crazy what-is-this-world rich people experiences.
  • Went to France.
  • Started this blog.
  • Did my first guest post for a travel magazines blog. Read it here!
  • Frolicked around Mallorca.
  • Came back home for a month and then…
  • Moved to Canada with my super awesome boyfriend!

How was 2016 for you? Leave your stories in the comments section below!

2016 - A Year In Review - White Petal Travels

Left photo credit: Claire Morgan Photography




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