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How To Make Friends Abroad

August 8, 2016

If you’re a shy person like me then the thought of making new friends can be really daunting. My boyfriend can meet a complete stranger and within an hour their speaking like their lifelong friends and organising overseas holidays together. How does he do it? No idea. But here’s how I made friends abroad.



Girl Gone International is a group of women helping each other feel at home in our new cities and a place to make new friends. It’s in over 100 different cities and holds free events and activities throughout the year. Each city has it’s own Facebook page where it’s a welcoming environment to meet new people, ask questions and discover new and exciting things. There is also a Girl Gone International Global Facebook page to bring everyone around the world together.


I went to my first Girl Gone International event within 2 weeks of arriving in Palma. It was a brunch at a lovely vegan café called Compost. I met lovely ladies from all over the world, of all ages, careers and backgrounds. It was at this event I made my very first friends here.


Whether you’re an active member in your cities Facebook group or not, you will feel a sense of family and community. Each person has made the decision to move here and like you, at some point has been completely new. They are more then willing to answer any question you may have and point you in the right direction.


As I move on from Mallorca at the end of the summer, I will search out Girl Gone International in the next country I go to.

Girl Gone International Hubs

Girl Gone International Hubs



Browse through all the different groups on Facebook and join the ones that are relevant or of interest to you. Palma Yacht Crew is a group for the yachting community but also has posts about recommended places to go or not to go and activities. It was through this group I found out about the homeless dog walking every Saturday morning and this is where I met my next lot of friends.



I started going to Zunray Yoga Studio where I met some beautiful people who after just 2 lessons ended up joining them for drinks after class. By doing an activity you enjoy you will meet people similar like minded people. Consider language classes, cooking classes, dance lesson, sporting activities or something that is of interest to you.



You see the people for the majority of the day but going out with them off duty opens you up to a range of different people you may have not met otherwise. In group settings there is lots of different people you can connect with, from there you may get invited to another group activity then your introduced to another lot of people and so on. Soon you’ll know a whole bunch of people.


How did you make friends abroad?

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