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How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight In Economy

August 24, 2016

Being an Aussie if you want to travel anywhere basically all our flights are long-haul flights. After feeling like I was going to die (not really but almost) last year on the way to England I was determined to make myself comfortable on my 36 hour trip to Mallorca.

There are plenty of posts on this topic out there but this is a post for normal everyday people who aren’t able to upgrade or have a carry on full of the latest gizmos and gadgets.

This is how I survive long-haul flights in economy!


How To Survive A Long Haul Flight In Economy - White Petal Travels




This was my long-haul flight lifesaver! In Sydney airport, I decided to get the Go Memory Foam Travel Pillow and I will never ever go on another long-haul flight without it! From past long-haul flight experiences, I will only get on average maybe 2 hours sleep. I’m a light sleeper and with this pillow, I managed to sleep the majority of the way from Singapore to London… that’s a 12-13 hour trip! Get one and you’ll never look back!



I like to choose the aisle seat for two reasons, 1- I need to pee a lot and 2- the room. My last flight to England I was on a window seat, with a bulkhead above me, a wall beside me and the two full-grown man next to me, after about 13 hours I was feeling very boxed in with only been able to look at my immediate surroundings. Normally I’m not a claustrophobic person. I’ve crawled through the Củ Chi tunnels in Vietnam and felt completely fine but 23 hours on a plane undid me and by the end, I turned pale, had a massive headache, felt extremely nauseated and ended up with flight sickness for 4 days.

Now I will always request an aisle seat. You have room to spread out, can get up to go to the bathroom or walk around whenever you like without disturbing anyone and have loads more room to look around. I haven’t felt sick since making this seat decision.



On said flight above I couldn’t eat any of the food towards the end without feeling like I was going to throw up everywhere. I couldn’t eat eggs or be around them being cooked because of the smell for a good year after this flight. Now when I fly I request Lacto Ovo vegetarian meals. This is vegetarian meals but will have products that contain dairy which means for a sweet tooth like me you can still be served desserts. Not only are the meals way better, fresher and with hardly any processed food, you also get served before everyone else meaning you can take full advantage of the short bathroom lines while everyone else is still busy eating or still being served.



Drink some water and then drink some more. Hydration is key to feeling well after a long haul flight. Being stuck for 20+ hours in a metal tube will seriously dehydrate you so it’s important to drink the recommended amount of water. Obviously drinking all that water will make you need to use the bathroom, see point above for reasons I choose aisle seats.  Alcohol will only dehydrate you more. You can bring along an EMPTY water bottle with you which you can fill up in the airport after you’ve already gone through security and the flight attendants are happy to refill it for you throughout the flight. Just remember if you have a stopover, for example, Singapore you can’t have any liquids over 100ml so you will need to either drink or empty out any water left in the bottle before you are able to board.



I am not one of those people that will do a full beauty routine, however, I will wash my face and moisturise every now and again as my skin is prone to dryness. No one likes a dried out peeling face after landing.



As I said above I’m a picky sleeper. I like dark quiet places so although I did have earplugs with me I didn’t use them. Instead, I made a nice peaceful playlist on my iPod and was able to fall asleep listening to that instead of the drone of the engines and general clatter of a full aeroplane.


I hope these tips help you survive your next long-haul flight in economy!


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