Kindle vs Books

August 15, 2016

I’m very much a book lover but living abroad and out of a suitcase, books take up too much room and weight. I was reading one to two books a week, that’s a lot of books which can start getting costly and that’s a lot of money to read once and then have to give it away. (I’m a re-reader, if I like a book there’s a high chance I will like to read it again at some point).

I love reading a book and turning the pages so I was hesitant to get a kindle but knew for traveling it would be for the best.  So after some Amazon shopping I decided to get the Amazon Paperwhite Kindle. Now that I have one I’ve been converted.

It’s super light at only 205 grams and can even fit into my little across the body handbag. It’s perfect to take to the beach, on a bus trip, on the plane or anywhere really! It has long lasting battery life which can last for weeks and with a back light it is perfect for reading in the dark. It can also hold a crazy amount of books so your only problem there is choosing what to read first. I have the WiFi only model and will download a couple of books at a time if I know I’ll be without internet.

The Kindle is also amazing to read from. It’s easy on your eyes and just as if you were reading a real book. In fact due to the adjustable back light it may even be better if you are reading in a poorly lit area.

A Kindle does cost a little money but if you read a lot of books after awhile it will start to even itself out and become cheaper than buying physical books each time. Kindle books are cheaper due to the fact your not paying for the production costs. Some Kindle books are free or only a couple of dollars for older or lesser known books/authors.

When I go back home I would like to think I will go back to buying books but since travel is on the agenda for now I will definitely be using my Kindle. It’s just so easy and convenient!


White Petal Travels - Kindle vs Books White Petal Travels - Kindle vs Books White Petal Travels - Kindle vs Books

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