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November 13, 2017

Winter doesn’t officially start for another few months but as far as I’m concerned it’s already here. The temperatures dropping into the minuses and there’s snow on the ground which means more cosy nights in, more popcorn, more pillow forts and more Netflix.

There are so many options on Netflix you literally can’t watch everything before you die. #facts! But who else finds themselves lost after the last episode of your latest Netflix obsession? The pressure is on because you think you will never find anything good enough to replace the hole that now gaps in your heart, well friends, I got you.


Behold my latest Netflix obsessions!



It’s official, I’m completely OBSESSED with Outlander and already planning a trip to Scotland because of the show (thank you, Diana Gabaldon!). The hit series is based on the best-selling fantasy novels following Claire, who while honeymooning with her husband Frank is transported back in time to 18th-century Scotland where she’s caught up in a whirlwind romance with Scottish warrior Jamie (swoon!) who soon find themselves entangled in the Scottish uprising against the British.

Do yourself a favour and watch it now!!!



The Good Place is such a binge-worthy show full of twists with witty and hilarious characters. Regular dirtbag, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in the afterlife in the Good Place, she quickly realises there’s been a massive mistake and tries everything to hide her true identity to save herself from burning for all eternity in the Bad Place.



#Girlboss is a Netflix Original Series based on the very popular memoir by Sophia Amoruso. It’s the kind of show you will either love or hate depending on how you like the main character. She’s a jerk but she’s the kind of jerk you want to root for. For those (like me) who haven’t read the book, the story is set in San Fransico showcasing all the trials and tribulations launching Nasty Gal, a vintage-clothes-flipping eBay site. The spicy half-hour episodes make it perfectly binge watchable!



The newest adaption of Dumas’s classic tale. A little cheesy but full of twists, comedy and romance. Honestly, I’m a sucker for this kind of show and the good-looking cast makes it even easier to watch!


What are your favourite series to watch?

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    I just finished Mindhunters which I loved!

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