How To Succeed At Online Study

March 1, 2017

Online study and education have many advantages; freedom and flexibility are the two big ones but you also have to discipline yourself to get through to the end. Sometimes the advantages canย also be your disadvantages.

There are many different types and lengths of online courses. I’ve completed a 6-month Business Administration course through TAFE NSW and a 2 year Wedding Planning Course through The Australian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.

Here’s how you too can succeed at onlineย learning.


How To Succeed At Online Study - White Petal Travels



And be realistic about it. Find out the minimum hours of work you have to do each week to finish the course by its completion date and work those hours into your weekly routine.


Some courses are at your own pace with the only deadline being your course completion date. 2 years to finish a course with 20 odd units and assignments?? Easy! Well not always, what about when you get stuck on an assignment so you put it in the too hard basket and keep fobbing it off to do fun things only to realise 5 months later you’ve done nothing… oops? Be tough with yourself and set deadlines for when you need to finish a unit and its assignment. With no classroom, face to face lectures and other students around you it’s easy for time to slip away when you’re feeling unmotivated. ย You’re the only one standing in your way to get this done.


Many online courses have spaces for students to interact with each other. Join them and introduce yourself to the other students. Their all in the same boat as you and can be a great source of help and motivation. Have a question, want some feedback or want to see if there are other students in your area? Post it on these boards and see what you get back!


Going into a course with all engines blazing can be great but after a while, you will find yourself burnt out. Take a break and refocus, maintain and feed that passion you started the course with, you will find this reflects in your marks.


Since you don’t have a classroom, try and make your own workspace. Clear a spot somewhere in your house where you can sit down comfortably without any distractions. Sitting in front of the TV won’t do you any good. Create a nice area surrounded by objects that motivate you. This could be pictures, quotes or certain special objects, you want the space to feel creative and calm.


I hope this helps with your studies! Good luck!



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